Vote By Mail

Transparent election practices are a cornerstone of our democracy. As we face unprecedented times, America must use this opportunity to improve our voter practices and that starts with how we address absentee ballots and vote by mail options. Below, you will find a list of policy points aimed at making voting accessible to all Americans.

  • Set Federal Standards for Federal elections

  • Create standardized guidelines regarding voting machines, voter registration, and absentee voting options for all states

    • This will protect citizens from voter purging, gerrymandering and registration issues that plague our voters

  • Implement incentives for states that meet all federal election mandates

    • Allow the state to receive federal funding to offset the economic strain of a new election system 

    • Added incentives for states that see a rise in voter turnout

  • Fight to get absentee ballots distributed to all registered voters in every state 

  • Do away with the need for necessary reasons in states where that is still required

  • Create a bipartisan team tasked with maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the mailed-in ballots 

    • This team should be outside of the sphere of political activity and truly bipartisan to protect from any possible bias