Sustaining Our Agriculture

We believe that the food consumed by Americans should be the best it can possibly be. For too long, the only individuals benefiting from our agricultural practices are big ag businesses. We are working to create a system that allows for farmers, rural communities, and the environment to thrive. We can do this by:


  • Putting an end to factory farming

  • Mass meat production has a massive carbon footprint and detrimental effects on our environment

  • Banning antibiotics in animal husbandry

  • Reforming patent laws to protect farmers from predatory lawsuits from seed corporations

  • Food should not be considered intellectual property

  • Strengthening Organic Standards

  • This will protect small farms and agriculture businesses from competing with “big ag” corporations that are able to circumvent food standards

  • Developing Fair Trade partnerships that protect farmers both domestically and abroad

  • Enacting supply management programs to protect against shortages and surpluses.

  • These protections will guarantee that farmers can earn a livable wage

  • Banning synthetic fertilizer

  • Eliminating overtime exemptions for farmworkers

  • Rebuilding regional agriculture infrastructure

Paid For And Approved By Adam Christensen For Congress
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