Reforming Education

Our education system has been broken since it's conception. We must reform how we educate our children. We put so much money behind other platforms and constructs while forgetting and under-funding one of the most important ones: quality education for our young people. 

  • ​Majority-minority school districts received $23 billion less in funding than majority-white districts in the United States. African-Americans, immigrants, Latinx, and poor and working-class children are being left behind.
  • We have, for too long, denied basic resources meant to inspire children’s curiosities, intelligence and dignity. We cannot allow this to continue if we want to see our children succeed.

  • We cannot allow public schooling to fall down a rabbit hole of being under-funded. We must invest in our public schools, including paying our teachers a living wage, hiring full-time nurses, counselors and social workers. Nearly 14 million children go to a school with a police officer and no counselor, nurse or social worker.

  • The “Journey for Justice Alliance” plans to add 25,000 community schools by 2025. We must invest at least $3 billion to reach this goal.

  • For too long, our educations system has prioritized punishment for low testing rather than learning the mistakes and moving past them. It’s time we look towards other alternatives to testing and teach our young people how to learn properly.

  • Our education system prioritizes learning through memorization, rather than problem-solving and critical thinking. Most testing is given on the basis of who can retain the knowledge rather than who can understand the material. We need to allow teachers to teach in different ways to connect better with students.

  • Large classrooms hinder the abilities of our young people to perform at their highest capacities. If we limit class sizes to no more than 20 students per classroom, we could allow them more access to learning and comprehension.

  • In a time where “Defund the Police” is at the forefront of the conversation, we must remember how often our school system is defunded. We can and should offer teachers a living wage of at least $60,000 and support the rights to collective bargaining.

  • Support efforts to unionize in our schools.

  • We must end funding for the Federal Charger School Program. We will not support any expansion of publicly-funded for-profit charter schools.

  • Educations is the right of all persons, and we must not allow our public education to suffer for the profit of another. We will support a ban of charter schools run by for-profit organizations.

  • We must end federal zero-tolerance discipline tactics. These tactics are disproportionately harming the minority population. We must invest in restorative practices such as counselors and we must educate our teachers on the best practices to help lift our young people up.

  • Physical fitness is just as important as mental fitness. 

  • This was laid out by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep Ilhan Omar. New York State already gives all children universal school meals. We must expand this to every state in every school to allow no child to go hungry.

  • Teaching isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult for a minority student to learn from teachers who don’t look the same. They need to feel inspired and have role models with the same skin tone. We must support and invest in the hiring of persons of color to teach our young people.

  • English is said to be the most difficult language to learn, yet we so often throw young people in the education system with the expectation of learning the language on their own. We must support those who treat the English language as the second learned language.

  • This is already a part of our platform “Fully Supporting Education From PreK-16th Grade” but we can go even further in providing support to families before their education to work with health professionals to provide a nurturing home and nurturing community for every child and family.

  • Though school segregation ended in 1965, our schools are still largely segregated. We must fund and incentivize schools to reduce these segregated communities.

  • The Campaign already has a discussed a federal job guarantee, but we must train and hire new educators, counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurses and librarians to move into the new era of education.

Higher Education

  • We believe our tax dollars shouldn’t go to endless wars and tax cuts to Wall Street and the wealthy. Instead, we should advocate for those taxes and other expenses to go towards education. There is no reason we shouldn’t make higher education available and free to all who want it.

  • Through those taxes on Wall Street and a wealth tax, we could cancel all current student debt.

  • Ban for-profit colleges.

  • Prisons should be for rehabilitation, not punishment. We should give access to quality education to those incarcerated.

  • We have seen historically black colleges and universities pushed to the wayside for more popular universities. We must invest in those HBCUs because they are just as important as any other college.

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