• Hannah Jacobs


Congressional Race Heats Up and Pressure Rises for Kat Cammack to Speak Up

On Tuesday, the Adam Christensen for FL-03 Campaign released a video advertisement that sparked suspicions about their opponent’s background. The video questions the location, and even existence, of a cattle ranch which Republican Kat Cammack frequently refers to as having had an impact on her values.

The video, accompanied by the hashtag #WhereIsTheCattleRanch, was uploaded to the campaign’s Facebook page, as well as their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Ms. Cammack still has not offered a response, although her campaign manager, Jessica Norfleet, did state that the family cattle ranch was located in Colorado in a message to a Facebook user who had commented on a post. (See below.) 

Pictured: Direct message on Facebook from Ms.Cammack's campaign manager, Ms.Norfleet, offering no more than a vague and generic account for the location of the cattle ranch.

Mr. Christensen hopes to receive direct answers from Ms. Cammack in order to make sense of her story about growing up on a cattle ranch, as this seems to be a central selling point for her campaign. The video posted to social media calling for answers from Ms. Cammack led to conversations among commenters who, themselves, had done some research concerning the cattle ranch. Specifically, some users found public records that contradicted both the existence of the cattle ranch in Colorado and the timing of what Ms. Cammack claimed to be financial struggles resulting from Obama-era policies.

We hope that this video inspires questions in regards to not only this statement but many of the statements she has made in the past. This is only one questionable statement she has made and it speaks to the reputability of her statements and her overall credibility.

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