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What Coronavirus Has Done For Climate Change

Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

So not a lot of good has come from the Coronavirus, but there is one thing we can be happy about - Climate Change.

Since we are all stuck inside, not driving around or much anything else, we are reducing the carbon in the air.

Now, this is more of a “silver-lining” than anything else, because the Coronavirus is a tragedy and that should be made very clear, but since the air is now becoming cleaner there are some things we can be happy about, and some things we can change once we can all go back outside.

The issue with this is it’s similar to losing weight while being sick. The weight is lost, but it will more than likely only be lost for a short amount of time before being gained back after the sickness is gone.

The hope, though, is we can lose the weight and keep it off. After being sick, we can stick to a diet that keeps the weight off.

And we can.

The Intercept wrote, “Covid-19 is cutting human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as travel and other economic activity in much of the world slow or halt altogether.”

The good news is we have shaved a few months - or longer - off our climate emissions that will help in the long race against climate change.

(If there is anyone who still says there’s nothing we can do about climate change. You’re wrong.)

Photo Courtesy of NASA

Now, obviously we can’t all stay inside the house from now on. We will all need to eventually go back to work and go about our daily lives, but there are some things we can start to implement going forward that will help the climate.


Voting is and will always be the number one thing we all can do to fight for what we want to see. There are politicians in every branch of government who don’t believe in climate change. Vote. Them. Out. Instead of having people who will hinder our fight to save the climate, we can vote for those who will be strong advocates for taking the necessary measures to fight. We can pass the Green New Deal, and all necessary steps to protect our planet. Young people are the ones that will deal with today’s problems in the future. We are the ones that need to vote and make the changes in which we believe.

Work from home

Now, obviously, not all of us can work remotely all the time. But, as we’ve seen over the past month, some of us have been able to work remotely without the need to be in the office or other work environment. After the stay-at-home orders are lifted, businesses should continue to allow certain workers to work from home.

Reports have shown in-office workers are idle for roughly 37 minutes per day - not including built-in breaks such as lunch - whereas remote works are more productive, reporting only 27 minutes of relaxing time. This comes out to about 1.4 more days per month.

For those who can’t work from home, it might be the best time to begin to shift your commute to more environmentally-friendly alternatives, such as biking to work or taking more ride-sharing alternatives.

Carbon Capture Technology

To keep reducing our emissions after we are allowed to go back outside, we need to begin investing in carbon capturing technology.

According to MIT, “Carbon sequestration is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It complements two other major approaches for greenhouse gas reduction, namely improving energy efficiency and increasing use of non-carbon energy sources. Interest has been increasing in the carbon sequestration option because it is very compatible with the large energy production and delivery infrastructure now in place.”

Carbon Capture is not only a way to reduce carbon emissions, but also could become its own industry to compete with the Oil and Gas sector and other energy production sectors. It’s possible to produce gas with carbon capture, we can produce electricity and create clean and renewable resources by simply taking carbon out of the air, which in turn, will combat climate change.

In an article by Vox, they say, “Using CO2 from the air for products and services is known as carbon capture and utilization (CCU). By some estimates, it’s a potentially $1 trillion market by 2030.”

Pay Attention to Climate Change

It shouldn’t take Greta Thunberg for us to start taking the climate seriously. It’s one of the most important issues today and if we don’t act accordingly, there won’t be a tomorrow.

If we took half of the precautions we set up for Coronavirus, which were also far from perfect, and used those towards climate change, we would be in a much better position to battle one of the most important issues we face as a nation and as a globe. If we unite, as we have with social distancing and other measures to combat Coronavirus, we could begin to fight climate change.

Simply because Coronavirus is something we can see, and we can see the effects, climate change is still just as deadly, just as dangerous and even though we can’t always see the direct effects of our actions, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t combat it like we have the virus. Global challenges require global changes.

The Coronavirus is awful, but let’s not forget the other threats that are posed against our country and our world. Climate change has improved since the beginning of the virus, but let’s continue the improvement after we head back into our normal lives.

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