Official Response To The 1/16/2020 Florida Supreme Court Decision To Dismantle Voting Rights.

To All Floridians,

Waking up today was just another reminder of the fight we are going to win. For those that don't know, Florida is one of the only states that does not allow former felons who have served their time and paid their debt to society to vote again. Last year over 65% of voters in Florida passed an amendment to our constitution that reaffirmed all citizens, formerly incarcerated or not, have the right to decide who would represent them.

However, yesterday morning the Florida Supreme Court voted to block and dismantle those rights in direct violation of the will of the people of our state.

I agree with the statement put forward following the decision by the Southern Poverty Law Center: “The Florida Supreme Court’s decision is disappointing and cuts the 1.4 million people who voters expressly intended to re-enfranchise almost in half,". "By holding Floridians’ right to vote hostage, the Florida Supreme Court is permitting the unconstitutional modern-day poll tax … and redefining an amendment nearly 65 percent of Florida voters approved of in 2018.”

This poll tax is illegal and the DeSantis administration should be ashamed of supporting and pushing for this decision. I and those with me are going to continue to fight for everyone’s right to vote; here in Florida and elsewhere across the country as this decision is in direct violation of The 1965 Voting Right Act which ruled that poll taxes would never be instituted in the United States again.

I believe that everyone should have the right to vote, and the right to stand for inequality, injustice, and most importantly and most simply, what is right.

As citizens of the United States, incarcerated, rehabilitated, or otherwise, the right to vote is fundamental to the society we all want to live in. It doesn’t matter what someone looks like, where they come from, or the color of their skin.

It doesn't matter what party someone is from, what matters is the life they live and whether or not they are willing to fight as hard for people they do not know and may never meet, as they are for themselves.

Adam Christensen

Democratic Nominee FL-03

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