• Cody Uhls

Voter Intimidation Has No Place Here. Our Statement About The Proud Boys Emails

Voter Intimidation is illegal and cannot and will not be tolerated. The emails received by voters yesterday were terrifying. They were sick. We will not stand idly by as people in our district and all across the country are threatened to vote for Donald Trump “or else.”

This event only provides more proof of the facts of division and hate in our country. It shows the rhetoric of President Trump and my opponent’s complacency disqualifies them to have power in this country.

A few days ago, my opponent recorded protesters outside her property, and now the Proud Boys are attacking our voters. Ms. Cammack screamed about how “Antifa” was at her doors and there’s no room for this hate and division but has been completely silent about a hate group intimidating voters.

The “Antifa” on the road outside her home were holding signs. The Proud Boys emails were saying if the voter didn’t vote for Donald Trump they would come after them.

Antifa is not an organization, but an ideology, as we’ve said before. The Proud Boys are a hate group. They are a White Supremacist, anti-Muslim group that has no place in our society.

Ms. Cammack created controversy over a few protesters but doesn’t stand against this blatant Voter Intimidation.

We know her priorities. She knows she’s losing.

Our message to the voters affected is this: go vote. These are empty threats. Reach out to our campaign if you feel threatened or need anything. We are here to help you.

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