UF College Dems Call For Resignations Of Florida Party Leadership

In a statement released earlier tonight, the University of Florida College Democrats detailed out a list of complaints following the 2020 election cycle which resulted in historic defeats for congressional and state Democrats. Following the election, numerous Fl candidates began coming forward with the demand that Terrie Rizzo, Juan Penalosa, and Rosy Gonzalez Speers resign or be fired from their positions within the party.

University College Democrats stated "efforts were not adequately supported by the Florida Democratic Party (FOP) or the Florida College Democrats {FCD). Democrats across the state, including in the presidential election, suffered hard-fought losses in part due to errors of the Florida Democratic Party's leadership. Five Florida House seats were lost, along with two congressional sears. The party lost ground in Miami-Dade largely due to the lack of a unified message, ineffective use of resources, and minimal Latinx outreach. FOP refused to endorse Amendment 2 due to fears of being seen as too far left, despite raising the minimum wage being a basic pillar of the Democratic Party's platform. The Florida Democratic Party is entirely out of touch with voters and has consistently failed to integrate youth voices. We are calling for the resignation of the FOP Chair Terrie Rizzo and FOP Executive Director Juan Penalosa. In order for any progress to be made in the state, the party must completely overhaul its approach to outreach, organizing, and communication."

I have made no secret of the fact that despite our campaign overperforming this year we received no help financially or organizationally from the state party or leadership. In fact, the FDP broke its contract with our campaign a week before the election by withholding data that we owned from us and telling us that we were not allowed to contact Republicans (in a R+9) district. This was not the first incident of the party actively harming democratic campaigns. Earlier this year over 50 candidates signed a letter telling the FDP that they were not being supported and were actively being harmed in their races. Until local activists, organizers, and young people are taken seriously (in all parts of the state) democrats will continue to suffer losses, not from the strength of will (or lack of effort), but from institutional and structural failures.

It is time for new leaders who invest rather than double dib and make as much money they can make before they burn the house down.

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