Statement Regarding Recent Tweets

In a tweet a few days ago, I made a broad statement about corruption that should have been more specifically directed to the current holder of the 3rd District Congressional seat and the current Republican candidate, Ted Yoho and Kat Cammack. They are two peas in a pod with Donald Trump and have questionable flaws that put all of us in this district at risk. By misspeaking, I understand I offended many individuals, especially the Black Community.

Representative Corrine Brown was a United States Representative for 25 years in Florida. She helped her constituents. She helped lead the Black community, and many others, in this district. Rep. Brown brought plenty of popular, important and noteworthy changes to our community. That important work and the strides made do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. That work was put on pause eight years ago when this district elected Rep. Yoho as its new representative.

My intention with my tweets was to point out the double standard between the treatment of Rep. Brown and Rep. Yoho, as well as my Republican opponent, Kat Cammack. The double standard cannot be ignored. The media jumped on Rep. Brown when they found out the allegedly illegal acts, but have completely ignored the evidence provided about Rep. Yoho and Ms. Cammack. How can someone be demoted from their position, receive a pay increase of 50K, and not garner some form of investigation?

At this pivotal moment in our history, we are stronger standing together. If anything I said has been offensive to Corrine Brown or those who have worked with her over the years to ensure policy fair to all in North-Central Florida, please know that was not my intent. For that, I apologize. While I am young, I am not so proud as to not recognize and correct a mistake. To me, this is a learning opportunity and a chance for me to be more deeply involved with issues important to all people who call this district home.

I want to learn and grow as a Representative, not simply show up during the election season, ask for the vote and move on.

Thank you for helping me to become your nominee for Congress and, with your support, we will change the course of history and repel the corruption in Congress that has made access to the American Dream unavailable to those in our minority communities, Let’s do this together.

As always, this fight is For The Many, Not Just Me.


Adam Christensen

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