• Hannah Jacobs

Statement on the Election Results

The Adam Christensen for Congress Campaign would like to formally announce our concession to our Republican opponent, Kat Cammack. We may not have won this race for Florida’s Third Congressional seat, but the movement we built shall persist nonetheless.

This campaign was run by young people with a vision that encapsulated the needs and rights of all people. Our team of over 150 interns and volunteers built a grassroots movement to bring progressive ideas to North Central Florida. Our interns were all under the age of 23, making our youth-powered movement all the more impressive.

At the core of our values was the belief that it is not radical to demand a decent life for our people. Our district deserves more than what they are receiving right now, and so does our country. While we are saddened not to have the opportunity to forge this path to justice and equity for people to come, we are not giving up on the movement we’ve built.

Adam Christensen would like to thank every volunteer, intern, donor, and voter who believed in his vision for a better District Three. Adam has fought for each and every one of you to have a brighter future and a chance to truly succeed. Though it won’t be him serving as your Congressional representative, he hopes that your drive to fight for what is right never dies.

We gave this race everything we had and didn't stop fighting until the very last minute. We have knocked on over 112,000 doors since the primary election and called over 67,000 voters in the last month. We haven’t accepted any donations from Super PACs or large corporations, and our average donation was around $23.

We made this happen with the relentless efforts of our team, and at the very least, we demonstrated that closing the gap in this district was possible. If there is anything to be learned from this race, it is that you must keep fighting. Sometimes, the odds are against you, but if you have a passion for making things right in the world, you have to take that first step and continue to fight to see those changes come to fruition.

Our team members will go on to be activists, scholars, and professionals, and some might even hold office someday. We hope our slogan, “For the Many, Not Just Me” will continue to be a guiding message in this fight for justice and peace. We believe that we must listen to science and care for our environment in order to continue improving as a nation. We also believe that if you work eight hours a day, you should be able to afford more than just survival, but decent life.

We still believe that corporations need to be held accountable and that we can't allow Nestle to take advantage of our beautiful springs here in District Three. We stand by the fact that health care is a human right.

These ideas aren’t radical or far-fetched, and while we’re not the first people to pursue them, we certainly won’t be the last. We encourage you to keep making your voices heard until you achieve this necessary change.

The Adam Christensen Campaign hopes this district thrives in the coming years and wishes for the best leadership from Ms. Cammack. We thank everyone again for supporting our campaign and message.

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