How We Move Forward With COVID-19 - Plans For Our Future

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Starting now, the Christensen campaign is suspending our canvassing and petitioning efforts, and will instead begin focussing on assisting voting stations and other efforts around the city of Gainesville affected by the outbreak. We are also requesting the same of all other congressional campaigns because this is bigger than politics.

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic is terrifying but preventable. The current federal administration did not take the necessary actions in the immediate aftermath of the first confirmed case of the virus and has since fumbled multiple steps to contain the situation.

We are in a time of crisis. We are also here to help. Each of our volunteers and interns thankfully qualifies for the lowest level of risk when it comes to this virus and is ready to help anyone in our community who is at risk or needs help taking the proper precautionary steps. The only thing that matters now is our efforts to minimize the spread of the virus.

The United States House of Representatives is currently voting on a bill that includes:

  • free Coronavirus testing

  • paid emergency medical leave

  • assistance for healthcare workers

  • food assistance

  • extended unemployment insurance

We are in a time where Medicare For All, paid Medical Leave and a Universal Basic Income plan - like the one Australia just enacted in response to Covid-19 - are necessities. Americans are afraid to go to work, but also afraid to miss work. They have to pay their bills, feed their families and try not to contract the virus. With Medicare For All, a person would be able to go get testing for the virus without the worry of the cost now and in the future. With paid emergency medical leave workers wouldn’t be afraid to stay home from work or work remotely. With Universal Basic Income, any American would be able to afford food or rent while they are out of work due to the virus. What we can’t afford to do is to bail out billionaires as we did in 2008.

These are the correct and necessary responses to avoid catastrophe.

In the short term, our communities need us. Currently in Alachua county over a hundred elderly poll workers have informed the election office that they will no longer be able to work the polls come election day. We know this is happening in other counties as well. Because of this, we have decided as a campaign that it is more important to fill in and help out where we can than continue to canvass or petition. Our interns and others in our campaign will be offering assistance at polling stations and anything else we can do to help out in our communities of Gainesville, Ocala and elsewhere.

We call on the other campaigns in this race to join us in suspending your efforts to get petitions, as interactions with numerous people provide a higher risk of contracting the virus. This isn’t a time for politics or political games.

Stay safe, follow the guidelines being put out by the city and if you feel sick please self-quarantine.

Adam Christensen

Congressional Candidate Fl-D3

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