Paid Family and Sick Leave

In today’s uncertain times, it is important that every American is equipped financially to ride out the COVID-19 crisis. No one should have to go out of business in order to cut costs. No students should have to worry about their loan payments not being paid because they were laid off from their part-time job. No one should have their electricity and water shut off because they could not pay their monthly utility bills. Financial relief on all of these fronts and more are necessary to ensure America comes out on top stronger than before the pandemic. It’s time to put our hard-working citizens first. 


I will work to implement:


  • Hazard pay for essential frontline workers. Without our nurses, doctors, grocers, mail carriers, and more, our nation would grind to a halt. These are the people putting their lives on the line to keep America going strong, and they need to be justly compensated for their efforts. 

  • Offer full-paid maternal and paternal leave for 17 weeks.

  • Directing money towards our agricultural workers and farmers to help them stay in business and continue to adequately feed America. 

  • Territorial and Tribal funding for COVID-19 relief. The COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting minorities, especially Native American communities throughout the US.  

  • Suspension of monthly payments like rent, mortgage, and other debts. 

  • Cancellation of student loan payments. 

  • Moratorium on evictions and utility shutoffs from missed payments, as well as foreclosures. 


We must allow time for families and newborns to have the quality time needed after birth. We must grant access to full-paid paternal and maternal leave, as well as paid medical leave. Before, during and well after the global pandemic rages the country, it is of utmost importance our workers and families are taken care of. We must dramatically increase all leave for any reason. Families should not be punished for having a child or being sick, that is why we must not let a paycheck be missed for these reasons.

Paid For And Approved By Adam Christensen For Congress
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