No More Mass or Every Day Shootings

The threat of gun violence in America is all too real today, and it must be stopped. As a leader on the global stage, America should not be first among developed nations when it comes to gun deaths. About once every 15 minutes, an innocent child, a pedestrian, or a mother is shot. In 2017, three-quarters of all murders in the United States involved a gun. In addition, gun suicides from 2006 to 2017 have increased by 41%. 


Almost all of these deaths would have been preventable had we examined the roots of the problem and acted upon them immediately. In a majority of these cases, the individual with the gun was disturbed in some way or had a mental illness. Furthermore, the lax laws that exist in this country have allowed such irresponsible and dangerous people to obtain these weapons with ease. Minors under 18 have a harder time obtaining alcohol legally than getting their hands on a weapon from an illegal sale. That needs to stop. When elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that no gun will ever be in the reach of an unstable and dangerous person. 

To achieve a safer society, I will:


  • Advocate for universal background checks and licensing procedures

    • This change has wide support from many Americans. Don’t believe me? Ask the 90% of surveyed gun owners who do

    • Background checks that were already in place have stopped over 3 million people who were deemed unfit to own firearms from being a further danger to society since 1994 

    • Let’s prevent more deaths and expand these checks to the whole country to prevent more irresponsible individuals from claiming innocent lives

  • Prevent the upward trend of mass shootings

    • Advocate for red flag laws that allow a judge to temporarily restrict ownership of a firearm for a person deemed at risk by family or friends

    • Raise the age to buy any firearm, assault weapon or handgun, to 21 years of age

    • Expand mental health services in schools to counsel troubled students or staff and help them with their difficulties

      • This will greatly decrease the 6 in 10 gun suicides each year

  • Work to end domestic gun violence deaths

    • Loopholes in legislation, in addition to finite background checks, results in unstable people, often males, into easily getting firearms and using them against their partners. The presence of a firearm in a domestic violence situation increases risk of homicide by 500%.

    • I will introduce legislation to get rid of the Boyfriend Loophole that allows partners who are not married to obtain guns, even if they were previously convicted. 

    • Also, I will fight to get rid of the Charleston Loophole, which allows gun buyers to purchase their weapons without any obstacles if a background check is not completed within three business days.

  • Hold the gun industry accountable

    • Eliminate state gun preemption laws which curb the authority of local officials to enact gun control legislation.

    • Prohibit the NRA from lobbying city officials to pass contradictory laws that allow guns in areas where other weapons (such as knives) are not allowed.


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