LGBTQ+ Policy

In order to ensure dignity and justice for all, this campaign seeks to: 

Pass bills to prohibit LGBTQ+ discrimination such as...

-Equality Act

-Every Child Deserves a Family Act

-Fair Housing Act


Ensure comprehensive healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals


-Targeting discrimination in the healthcare industry against LGBTQ+ individuals

-Make it easier for LGBT+ workers to form unions


Repeal the transgender military ban

-Trump announced in 2017 a ban on transgender members in the military.

-A year later, almost no transgender people were accepted to serve in the military.

Ensure the federal recognition of non-binary identities

-Advance anti-bullying policies in schools to protect LGBTQ+ youth and work to substantially reduce suicide

-Get Help Now

Provide comprehensive sexual education in schools to provide a range of necessary sexual health information for ALL youth

Paid For And Approved By Adam Christensen For Congress
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