Legalize, Vacate, Expunge

It is time that we end the failed War on Drugs. It is too expensive, too destructive, and too incompetent to continue. Legalization and decriminalization of marijuana will provide a major boost to the national, state, and local economies via sales taxes, improve regulation and controlled testing of products and allow our legal system to focus on issues that create actual threats to our society.


If elected, I will fight to:

  • Legalize medical and recreational marijuana

    • Two thirds of adults in America support the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana (Pew Research Center). It is very overdue that we pass this popular policy. Additionally, we need to declassify marijuana as a controlled substance so that we can make the appropriate leaps and bounds to end the failed War on Drugs. 

  • Vacate and expunge all past marijuana-related arrests and convictions

    • In further efforts to mend the harms created by the War on Drugs, we must free people convicted of nonviolent marijuana charges and ensure that their records are wiped clean. With marijuana legalized and with people once-convicted of marijuana charges freed, law enforcement can focus on dealing with crimes and criminals that are actually dangerous to society.

  • Ensure proper testing regulations on medical and recreational marijuana products

    • Federal agencies such as the USDA should have control over regulating the safety of marijuana products. Rigorous standards of safety and quality control will be established for both growers and processors.

  • Help create regulations to prevent legalized marijuana from turning into Big Tobacco

    • It is imperative that the legalized marijuana industry does not turn into Big Tobacco. To accomplish this goal, we must encourage and incentivize marijuana businesses to function as cooperatives and nonprofits. Additionally, we need to introduce caps on franchises so that we can eliminate profiteering.

  • Put a permanent moratorium on advertising

    • Marijuana should not be advertised on TV, on the radio, in magazines, on billboards or anywhere else. Advertisement can be misleading or deceptive, and it allows the industry to target and influence kids and teens who are under the legal age of consumption. Children and teens cannot responsibly use marijuana, while adults can make that informed decision. Because of this, we need to keep marijuana ads away from impressionable minds until they gain the maturity and responsibility to make the decision to use marijuana or not.

  • Oversee the creation of antitrust watchdogs and enforce a total prohibition on tobacco companies entering the marijuana market

    • Big Tobacco is a well-known scourge to public health. We need to create regulations to ban tobacco companies from ever breaking into the marijuana industry. 

  • Ensure marijuana businesses are structured and incentivized to invest in local areas and to provide jobs and community growth

    • We will use the revenue from marijuana sales to invest back in those communities so they can purchase means of production and infrastructure to sustain their businesses. Additionally, free training at trade schools and apprenticeships for all positions in the marijuana industry must be a priority in order to bring justice to disadvantaged communities.

  • Use the revenue from the legal marijuana to reinvest in the communities that have suffered the most from the War on Drugs

    • We must give new opportunities to those who have been historically damaged by the War on Drugs. This means giving people of color the means to break into the marijuana industry, and providing formerly incarcerated people with the ability to access the training necessary to work at any and all places in the marijuana supply chain. 

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