Internet as a Public Utility

We believe that the internet is now as vital to live in society like Electricity, Water, and Energy. From receiving an education to applying for a job, the internet is crucial for achieving success. It is unacceptable that in the United States, 33% of American adults do not have access to Broadband Internet 


As we have seen with COVID-19, the Internet is an absolute necessity and we believe that it is a human right. In these trying times, access to the internet is imperative to be able to keep society from grinding to a halt. We will make high-speed internet affordable and available for anyone who wants it, from small businesses to family farms. 


To do this we will:

  • Build publicly-owned broadband networks

  • Break up cable and service provider monopolies and reverse non-competitive mergers

    • Hold Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast accountable for price gouging.

  • Lower costs for internet service

Paid For And Approved By Adam Christensen For Congress
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