Immigration Reform

  • Create a well-functioning legal immigration plan that fits our nation’s continuing development. 

    • We will work together to create a realistic, effective way for immigrants to have a safe and clear manner to live in the United States. In order to do this, we must steer away from our current system which has outdated rules and regulations.


  • Improve Relations

    • The idea of an effective Immigration platform also entails the concept of acknowledging our current world. As a result, we must push to have better relationships with countries whose people are fleeing to the U.S.A. for a better life. We must encourage the reinstatement of the humanitarian effort in Central and Latin America in order to provide aid to struggling countries in order to improve the status of the country and diminish the number of people seeking asylum.


  • We must reform our Asylum System

    • The true purpose of our Asylum System is to protect thousands of persecuted individuals and provide them the proper service and guidance for them to start a new life in the US. However, the current administration has made applications to asylum even more difficult which has led to a backlog in cases. As a result, we must reform the procedures of applying for asylum, strengthen cooperation with neighboring countries to effectively solve humanitarian crises, and refer these cases to the Asylum Division rather than Immigration Courts.


  • End Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency’s predatory practices. 

    • ICE has had a history of violating individual rights, human rights, and terrorizing families. Abolishing ICE entails the idea of allocating legal, ethical practices to other branches of the federal government and it is important we protect those whom ICE attempts to target. As a result, we must introduce accountability and transparency between Immigration enforcement and the public. 


  • End Family Separation

    • The practice of family separation is unnecessary, cruel, and unethical. Family separation has had negative effects on children and families ranging from anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, and emotional trauma. It is time we put an end to this terrible practice and ensure we protect the lives of children and families. 


  • Protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

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