Honoring Our Commitment

to Veterans

Although our campaign is in full support of universal healthcare, in the instance that this does not pass, we are pledging our full support to increased veteran healthcare benefits. We believe that veterans must be taken into special consideration when drafting all future healthcare bills. There is no reason that those left injured after serving our country, whether physically or mentally, should be unable to afford proper medical treatment. 

  • Restructuring Veterans Affairs

    • We must work to eliminate the VA backlog for our veterans. Furthermore, we must reverse the privatization of the VA  in order to improve the services given to our soldiers. Currently there are 50,000 vacancies in the VA. Filling those vacancies will radically improve the care given to our troops.  

  • Wounded Veterans 

    • Expanding the VA Caregivers Program will provide more funds to our wounded veterans who need funds due to injuries at war. Furthermore, we must ensure our troops get proper treatment for PTSD. This could help prevent suicides by former service members. We must also provide counseling for survivors of sexual assault. 

  • Civil Rights in the Military 

    • Any man or woman should serve in the military without having to hide who they are. Gay and trans people should be allowed to serve in the military without fear of discrimination. Furthermore we must expand services to pay for healthcare needs of women and trans veterans. 

  • Modernizing the VA 

    • Modernizing our infrastructure will allow the VA to function the way it is meant to. Proving more mental health counseling on and off the battlefield will allow for our soldiers to transition back to civilian life with more ease. Allowing a union to form to argue for better benefits may help the VA get better workers. Higher pay and better bargaining rights will attract good doctors to the VA. 

  • Ensure Gay and Trans people’s rights in the military

  • Fill 50,000 vacancies currently open in the Veterans Affairs department

  • End the backlog for treatment at VA Hospitals

  • We must also increase funding to Veterans Affairs Hospitals. 

    • Increase treatment for Veterans with PTSD

    • Provide funding to modernize the VA’s infrastructure
    • Improve care for survivors of sexual trauma in the military

    • Expand suicide prevention services for veterans 

    • Expand Veterans Caregiver program

    • Expand services for women’s healthcare such as abortions and fertility treatment

  • Support VA Staff by improving working conditions and allowing a Union to form

  • Improve disability benefits