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Everything we do revolves around the simple belief that a person's human worth should not be defined by their economic value

Twelve years ago we made an investment with the expectation that we would get our money back.

Now it's time we get the return on that investment.

We've earned our Healthcare, Fully Funded Public Education, and so much more.

What We Are Fighting For

When We Win

Starting Today:

We can make a future that benefits us all. A world where no one is too poor to live . 

How You Can Help

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Tell Others

Share your story with your family and friends, let them know that what we are fighting for will change their lives!

Donating Money

Give What You Can

We are 100% grassroots and people-powered. We rely on donations from people like you!


Get Involved

We are fighting for all of us, for our families and our communities. The only way that happens to get out there.

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This campaign is about the people of North Central Florida. We are fighting for our neighbors, our children, and ourselves. Join Us.

Let us know that you're ready for
Adam Christensen in the 2020 Florida 3rd Democrat Primary

We appreciate you for believing in our mission!