Guaranteed Child Care

Currently, the cost of having a baby can be anywhere from $13,000-$30,000. After birth the cost of childcare averages around $12,000 a year. We believe that new mothers and fathers should not be on the hook for $20,000-$40,000 simply because they had a baby.

  • Child Care Is Not Accessible

    • Child care is often not thought of as an important part of a child’s early education, but it can play an integral role in developing a child’s brain.

    • The most important years for a child’s brain development are their first five years of life, and guaranteed childcare can help families and children during these crucial years. Despite this, and despite being the richest country in the world, the United States does not invest in families and their children.

      • In Florida, families need an income of $86,940 dollars to be able to afford infant care, and $76,680 dollars to afford care for a 4-year-old. This is largely inaccessible to families, and due to the ever-widening gap in income inequality, childcare has become a large percentage of families’ annual income. 


  • How Guaranteed Childcare Can Help

    • With guaranteed childcare, your child will have free full-time childcare that is at least 10 hours of the day. By guaranteeing childcare, we would eliminate a large financial burden on parents of young children, and allow them to return to work sooner, thus helping lift families out of poverty, increase the workforce, and boost the economy. As there is with all childcare, we recognize not all child care is created equal. By setting standards for educators, we hope to provide childcare that will not only help parents financially, but will help give children the foundation they need to thrive in adulthood.