The Green New Deal

Most people in Central Florida are having a hard time making ends meet. Many work 2-3 jobs just to afford a place to live. What we are proposing is that if you work 8 hours a day, you should be able to afford a place to live and have the ability to raise a family without worrying about money. The good news is that we can do this while making sure that our community and environment survive for our children in the future. This can be done by radically altering the way we make decisions at every point of the supply chain. Producers must be committed to using clean energy or they will be obligated to pay a carbon tax that accurately reflects the social cost of their emissions. The shipping industry must integrate infrastructure and reduce emissions at every avenue, by taking measures such as switching to maritime transport whenever possible. Consumers must put pressure on industries to think sustainably while doing their part in the reduction of waste and recycling. The individual consumer can use their purchasing power to shift the current trends and truly make a change!

We can begin to make these necessary changes by enacting the goals of the Green New Deal as soon as possible.

It is a plan to completely transform our economy by placing the focus on families and community businesses. It will make sure that everyone can get a decent paying job, similar to what our grandparents grew up with. The energy industry will be disrupted and transformed, with the federal government being obliged to create millions of better-paying jobs. Programs will be put in place to ensure the successful integration of those currently in jobs with conventional energy. Job loss can be minimal if current workers are willing to learn and participate in free training. Plus, these jobs will come with significantly fewer health risks than those in coal and oil. The workers of tomorrow will breathe better and live longer!

It will also help us cut emissions to zero in 12 years so that we do not experience the worst effects of a warming planet. As our planet continues to warm, the frequency and intensity of natural disasters will only increase. This means serious problems, especially for those of us down here in Florida. How many times must we rebuild before we act? It will also help to stave off the rising sea levels that are threatening our coasts. If action is not taken, we will lose treasured cities like Jacksonville, Miami, and Cedar Key by 2100

We are also in support of the Blue New Deal. Oceans make up a vast majority of this planet, yet they are greatly under-protected. By establishing marine reserves and enforcing sustainable fishing practices, we can ensure the continued proficiency of fisheries, which provide many people with their livelihood.