Fighting Homelessness,

Not the Homeless

Almost 1,000 residents in FL-03 are considered homeless.


We start with the belief and understanding that every human has value and worth. We believe that in the richest country in the world, 57,000 veterans should not be sleeping on the streets. We also understand that housing affects all other issues and stability is impossible without a roof over one's head. Current policies that demean and attack any members of our community, regardless of their situation, are morally wrong and must be ended.


Right now it costs Florida tax payers $30,000 a year per unhoused person to leave our veterans and community members on the street. We want to lower that cost by 60% with a simple idea: provide cheap and affordable housing to those who need it.


Florida homes are rising in value at a rate of 5 percent annually with no major changes to minimum wage or other wage concerns. We must raise the bar on creating more equality within real estate.


  • Encourage rent-to-own options

    • With one in every 3,746 housing units in Bradford, one in every 4,756 housing units in Putnam, one in every 3,242 housing units in Marion being foreclosed, we need to find ways to re-invest in our community while providing stable housing. This is why more rent-to-own options with flexible standards of qualification can help increase overall market activity. Cities like Milwaukee who suffered from depressing property values and increased municipal services, so they created the Turnkey Renovation program to renovate abandoned homes for low-income families. Management of the rental units takes place for 15 years and at the end of the rental period, renters will receive a credit for their mortgage. With relatively low funding and investing and high retention rates, housing for homeless individuals increased, as well as private-market activity.


  • Increase alternative financial structures

    • Mortgage and good credit can create major roadblocks in home ownership. Creating alternatives to mortgage and financing can provide easier pathways for low-income individuals. Examples of these include nonbank mortgage loans, leveraging digital technology, alternative lending companies, bridge loans, and asset depletion mortgages. Incentivizing the use of alternative mortgage structures can increase equity and provide greater flexibility for first-time home owners.

  • Create Affordable Housing, Preserve Florida Charm

    • With one in every 3,746 housing units in Bradford, one in every 4,756 housing units in Putnam, one in every 3,242 housing units in Marion being foreclosed, we must less address the what, and more so the why. Renovating abandoned and foreclosed homes helps preserve the charm of historic Florida homes, re-invest in abandoned communities and maximize sustainability efforts. We must work to shift the perspective that inequitable housing market structure is not inevitable, but everyone can and should be guaranteed the right to safe and affordable housing. Increasing affordable housing through higher housing density and mix-use development will also create more equitable markets and more vibrant communities.


  • Innovation in Design

    • ICON, a company based out of Austin, TX, 3-D printed homes in 24 hours that cost less than $4,000. Innovative ideas to decrease construction costs and increase sustainable solutions are the future of housing. Investing in companies such as ICON will continue research on sustainable development and increase high density development to make more connected communities.