• Facts of the case

    • Nestle is attempting to drain the Santa Fe River through the Florida springs

    • Currently, Seven Springs owns the permit and takes about 0.26 million gallons a day

    • Nestle’s plan is to increase this into 1.152 million gallons a day

    • The money that Florida makes from the water increase will only be a $115 application fee

    • The Santa Fe river and its associated spring habitats are home to 11 native turtle species, and four non-native species who may be affected

  • HR 6185 - 116th Congress

    • Known as the Save our Springs Act

    • This act was introduced by a Florida politician regarding Ginnie Springs

    • Bill imposes a 6 cent tax on each gallon of water extracted from a spring or underground water source for use as bottled drinking water 

    • Created the “Drinking water State Revolving Loan Fund Trust Fund” for the Safe Water Act


  Fighting HPS Enterprises II

  • Facts of the case

    • HPS Enterprises II is a local phosphate mining company made up of three Union County families and one Bradford County family; they are suing Union county for $298.75 million in November 20, 2019.

    • Union County only has a total budget of $7.2 Million

    • Union County would either have to pay or allow phosphate mining in their property.

    • Phosphate mining impacts water quality, leading to eutrophication which decreases oxygen levels and kills off species


Union County Mining.PNG