End Predatory Towing

Towing companies have become a critical service to consumers throughout the 20th century. However, despite the many helpful roles tow companies play in consumers’ day-to-day lives, some of their practices continue to get more abusive towards consumers.  Predatory vehicle towing and storage practices cost consumers millions of dollars every year. We are committed to protecting the towing industries' place in society while protecting consumers from their more costly practices. 


  • Hold tow truck contractors responsible for most of the financial strain caused by towing companies

    • Organizations that reserve the towing companies should pay the companies a larger sum. 

      • This would allow the consumers directly affected to carry less of a financial strain 

  • Decrease city towing to only include direct dangers to public safety

    • I.E. a blocked handicap spot or an effect on the flow of traffic 

  • Towing companies must post all towing guidelines and requirements to make sure consumers are aware of their rights

  • Enforce the Fourth Amendment

    • Protects individuals from towing by the government unless they are a direct threat to public safety

      • An individual's car cannot be towed for debt collection or an unpaid fine 

  • In private properties such as apartment buildings and restaurant parking lots set a minimum capacity that must be reached before towing can occur

    • This protects companies from their spots being full by non-consumers and affecting their business, while also protecting consumers from predatory costs in unwarranted situations 

  • Enforce penalties when tow truck companies fail to report a towed vehicle to police

  • Force towers to be open on weekends if they want to charge for storage on those days

    • This will protect consumers from predatory cost build-up 

  • Include payment options for cars beyond cash