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Disability Policy

We believe that no matter who you are, what you look like or struggles you have faced you deserve a shot at a decent life without being taken advantage of.

  • Pass the TIME Act

    • This fixes the absence of disability protection from the Fair Labor Standards Act

  • Guarantee Care at Home

  • Increase opportunities for Education and good paying Jobs

  • Expand funding for Aging and Disability Resource Centers

  • Ensure Marriage Equality

    • Federal marriage equality for individuals with disabilities

  • Guarantee Pay Equity

    • End exceptions in wage laws and workplace protections for individuals with disabilities.

  • Create a National Office for Disability Coordination that works to make sure all public spaces are ADA compliant and works to protect the civil rights of individuals with disabilities

  • End sub-minimum wages for workers with disabilities

  • Increase federal government funding for students with disabilities

  • Guarantee mental health care and community services as a right to all Americans

  • Fight to end the mass incarceration of individuals with disabilities

    • Create standards for proper disclosure of medical history during a trial proceeding

    • Create a standard for competency screenings before criminal trials

    • Create community organizations that work to provide individuals with disabilities with the support they need to remain in the community

    • Enforce the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision