The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated America. It has laid bare the deep problems that our nation faces, or rather, that our government has ignored. Tenants are facing the possibility of being evicted across the country unemployed Americans are diving into their savings to pay expenses; people who became very sick from the virus are saddled with enormous medical bills when they are freed from a ventilator. Black and Latino people are three times as likely as whites to contract COVID-19, and are twice as likely to die from it; this is the result of many black and Latino people being paid a poverty wage that comes with little in the way of worker’s rights or benefits, and is also the result of the centuries of discrimination they have faced. Native Americans, whose reservations contain some of the poorest towns in America, have suffered greatly, too. The federal government's first response, and many state’s first responses, were disorganized and lacking, and months later they still are. We cannot fix all of our flaws in a few months or years, but ending the COVID-19 pandemic in a caring, scientific, and organized fashion will require us to combat the social and economic problems that have made the virus worse. Our strategy is one that fixes the weaknesses in our response, deals proactively with any outbreaks, and protects the most vulnerable communities and groups in America. 

  • Improve Testing and Information

    • Without proper testing, there can be no successful response. We must increase our testing further, to the point where we are able to test all Americans daily. This can be done by pooling samples, rolling out antigen tests, and mass-producing tests. All tests must meet strong standards and if possible we should produce simple tests that can be administered quickly on site at varying locations. Testing must also be clearly guaranteed to be free of charge, as it currently is not. We must encourage all Americans to try to get tested regularly and we must make it clear that it is their public duty. 

  • Ending Medical Equipment Shortages

    •  In the case of a new wave of infections, we will need more medical equipment than we have now - such as ventilators and personal protective equipment - which as of now are still in short supply. We must invest heavily in expanding medical equipment by increasing our own manufacturing capabilities while also importing high-quality foreign equipment from our allies. Doing so will end these shortages once - and for all. 

  • Ensuring Testing, Hospital Care and Vaccination are free

    • Despite the federal government’s statements, there have been many cases where people have been charged for being tested for COVID-19. Even further, as goes the American medical industry, many have found they are saddled with massive bills before they even leave the hospital. We can’t allow greedy behavior at this time, and we shall make certain that nobody shall pay for COVID testing, medical care, and of course, vaccination, when a vaccine does arrive.

  • National Masking Mandate 

    • There is clear logic behind mask usage; blocking the spread of small, airborne infected droplets by means of a barrier will heavily slow the spread of the virus. Evidence for the effectiveness of masks, and their essential role in stopping the spread of COVID-19, is strong, but in many locations across the country the enforcement of masking mandates is not strong enough. If locales want to open further, they must strengthen masking rules, and to do this, we shall make it mandatory that if states and cities are to receive funding for their COVID-19 response, they must pass mask ordinances that are up to a federal standard, and they must be strong in enforcing them. 

  • Rejoining the WHO and International Vaccine Efforts

    • While the World Health Organization (WHO) did fail to demand full access to the areas first affected by COVID-19, we should understand that pooling resources and cooperating with other nations is the best way to end the pandemic. The WHO provides lifesaving health services in undeveloped nations, and we fund a large portion of said humanitarian efforts. We must make sure that such a great failure of an international institution does not happen again, but we must have an understanding that staying out of the WHO would be a great mistake. 

  • Proactive Responses to Flare-ups

    • We must remember that we cannot return to a state of normal affairs if COVID-19 outbreaks are still common. Governments at all levels must comply with the opinions of health experts, even if this means local lockdowns and business closures. If closures and lockdowns are necessary, we shall make sure to compensate the businesses impacted for their losses through government aid. 

  • Helping Families and Businesses Survive

    • Pieces of legislation, such as the HEROES act, as passed by congress, would give needed aid to state and local governments, businesses, and families, which would help efforts to defeat COVID-19 and would continue economic recovery. The HEROES act would provide this necessary aid, and thus we strongly support it, and call for it to be passed.